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Pirate Guitar Effects

The Pirate Guitar Effects Plank Overdrive & Boost is the classic Centaur sound with an added EP3 boost.

Built around the famous Centaur circuit released in the 90's, the Plank is a new twist on the old classic.  We took the Centaur circuit and added the famous EchoPlex EP3 pre-amp as a boost.  This combination takes the classic overdrive of the Centaur and adds a whole new "Brown Sound" dimension with the EP3 boost.

You can use the overdrive section with or without the EP-3 circuit to add a whole new tonal range to your playing.  With its touch-sensitive dynamics and wide sweeping tonal control the Plank is your "go to" pedal for any playing style. 

From a slight break-up to a full-on tonal assault, the Plank is designed for a level of versatility few production pedals can master.

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