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What's the best pedal for metal, in your opinion? It is most of the popular topics on metal music world. Peoples talk about pedals, amps, cabinets and others. Let's show to you our pedal for metal.

Some people like use only amp and this is really cool stuff, but amp is big and not not quite available for many customers. This limits your mobility and desire to play music. Some amps not designed for metal, so you must use overdrive pedals for get a more gain. This is the reality.

For to day we designed high gain distortion pedal with a good tube tone. What You Want distortion, any clean channel amp, and you ready to play metal riffs! This is a completely analog pedal with a low noise.

What You Want Micro has a small box and little more features, as a BOOST and LOW CUT. Even if you don’t turn on BOOST pedal is devil distortion. Turn LOW CUT – ON and you give more light and slim distortion, it is nice if you play in dropped tune.

Most distortion pedal based on operational amplifier and diode clipping, but we choice another way to form guitar tone. We use fet and mosfet transistors for it. This is give a most natural distortion as a tube amps.

Not fuzzy, not very slim, not muddy, fully independent pedal.

And now, amazing and wonderful! Most of guitars with standard pickups will be transformed in metal machine with What You Want distortion.


  • G: Gain is the level of signal distortion.
  • L: Low frequencies (boost or cut).
  • M: Middle frequencies (boost or cut). Right up to the stop position - mid scoop, center - mid balance, right - crunch.
  • M.: Additional knob for a control of the Q by mids frequnces. You can expanding or contracting the peak or notch. It features gives you a more brightnes sound for you reason.
  • H: High frequencies (boost or cut).
  • L: Output level. Its knob works as a boost output to preserve tonal characteristics of distortion.
  • Boost (Internal dip switch): You can boost signal for a more aggressive tone.
  • Low cut (Internal dip switch): Cut low frequencies in stage of the gain. A useful feature, when you play in a dropdown tune (D, C or more) or your guitar is very fat.

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions (with knobs): 5.0 x 11.2 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight (packaged): 420 g
  • Power supply: 9 V
  • Current consumption: Less than 3-6 mA
  • Power supply connection: Yes. Standard negative polarity, with the 2.1 mm "barrel plug" and negative center pin (standard for most pedals like Boss). Use only the regulated 9 V DC adapter.
  • Features: Gain, Bass, Mid, Mid., High, Level.
  • Bypass: Mechanical true buffered bypass, 3PDT.
  • Enclosure: Metal, powder coated.
  • Input buffer: Yes.
  • Battery power: No.
  • Input impedance: ~1M ohm
  • Output Impedance: ~50k ohm

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