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Smaller, but just as powerful. This is basically the same pedal as #WYW2, but in a smaller enclosure. The Micro version has one knob for tone coloring, called: Versatile Tone Control. As the label implies, this is a simple, but very versatile control: one knob gives you control over many tones. Set the knob left to boost low frequencies and cut highs; turn it to the right to boost highs. Set it near mid-line, a little to the right, and get a lightly mid-scooped, notched sound. It works perfectly for most rock and metal needs. The purpose of the #wyw2micro is to make the “What You Want” sound more accessible to players, while taking up less pedal board space, and at a lower price point – all while providing the same sound and quality. It’s the Micro … and, it’s What You Want!


  • Mid to High gain.
  • Natural tube amp sounding. No doide clipping stages.
  • Focused & touch-sensitive, readable chords without dust on tops.
  • Low level of audio noise. Noise friendly with DC adapters (but recomended to use the regulatetd).
  • No battery supply. Reverse polarity protection.

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions (with knobs): 5 x 11 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight (packaged): 340 g
  • Power supply: 9-15 V
  • Current consumption: Less than 40 mA
  • Power supply connection: Yes. Standard negative polarity, with the 2.1 mm “barrel plug” and negative center pin (standard for most pedals like Boss).
  • Controls: Gain, Versatile Tone Control, Level.
  • Bypass: True bypass. Soft Silent Relay Bypass Switch System.
  • Enclosure: Metal with anodized aluminum plate.
  • Battery power: No. (DC adapter not included.)
  • Input impedance: ˜ 1M ohm
  • Output Impedance: ˜ 1k ohm

This version has a true relay bypass system. This is a true bypass pedal. Some players who utilize a lot of true bypass pedals in series report varying degrees of tone loss due to increased capacitance. In order to maximize the quality of your clean (bypassed) tone, we recommend adding a buffer to your signal chain. A small guitar buffer can preserve the quality your clean (bypassed) tone. You can get more information about buffers from the web or our FAQ.

Soft & Silent Relay Bypass

Soft touch button gives perfect feeling of softness when you press, and it will have a much longer life than the mechanical 3PDT switches used in most true bypass pedals. Our system provides a silent switching without the annoying “pop” when switching from clean sound to drive and vice-versa. With traditional 3PDT switches, popping may be barely noticeable at low volumes; but the sound can be quite noticeable (and startling) on bigger stages at higher volumes. So, we decided to resolve this with our silent switching system. Also, the pedal will stay in bypass mode in the event of a loss of power.

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