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Pigtronix Philosophers Rock is a streamlined version of our award-winning Philosophers Tone pedal. The Philosophers Rock features Pigtronix's unique optical circuit that provides transparent compression with endless clean sustain. This all analog, state-of-the-art dynamics processor is further augmented by a harmonic germanium distortion that can be added via toggle switch for even more over-the-top tones that will instantly melt faces when engaged.

Although the Philosopher's Rock has fewer controls than its more knobby siblings, it actually sports a 4 times wider range of compression tones on tap. This allows the Philosopher's Rock to be used as a more subtle, clean compressor as well as a super squashy sustain machine when maxed out. The Philosopher's Rock can be used to tame peaks in your signal as well as to create natural acoustic feedback with or without distortion. Super low noise performance allows the Philosopher's Rock to be effective in front of a dirty amp or combined with high gain distortion and fuzz pedals for crafting your personal wall of sound.

The Treble and Blend functions from the original Philosopher's Tone have been preset to the “sweet spot” for hassle free operation on stage or in the studio. The Philosopher's Rock features true bypass switching and runs fine on standard 9-volt (negative tip) power but ships with an 18-volt adapter for superior headroom, clarity and overall output.


  • Infinite Clean Sustain without noise
  • 100% Analog, optical design
  • Toggle switch for Harmonic Germanium Distortion
  • Ultra wide range of compression tones
  • True Bypass Switching
  •  18VDC 300mA supply included
  • Chassis Size = 2.4” x 4.4” x 1”
  • Circuit Design by Howard Davis
  • Sound Design by David Koltai
  • True bypass

Pigtronix (manual)

The new Philosopher's Rock is an analog, optical compressor, sustainer and distortion designed to impart transparent compression, unbelievable sustain and vintage flavored overdrive (when the GRIT is used) to your instrument's tone. The Treble and Blend functions from the original Philosopher's Tone have been preset to the "sweet spot" for hassle free operation on stage or in the studio. The Philosopher's Rock features true bypass switching.

The VOLUME control sets the overall output level. The SUSTAIN control determines the threshold at which the compressor begins to kick in. Lower SUSTAIN settings will give a more transparent, studio type compression, while higher SUSTAIN settings will impart a more noticeable "squashy" sound with additional sonic power and sustain on tap. The "GRIT" switch adds in a layer of harmonic distortion featuring germanium diode clipping. This distortion can be combined with another distortion pedal or overdriven amp channel for achieving your ultimate lead tone.

The 18VDC power supply that is included provides a huge amount of headroom and output level.

With this pedal and compressors in general, more headroom = better tone. Feel free to experiment with running this pedal on a standard 9VDC (neg. tip) supply to get a somewhat different sound, at the expense of headroom and overall output. The Philosopher's Rock does not take batteries.

It is recommended that you place The Philosopher's Rock at the beginning of your signal chain, as close to the guitar as possible, before other distortion boxes. This con??guration will allow the Philosopher's Rock to drive other pedals down the chain with added sustain, achieving the best possible tone without added noise.



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