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The Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold LTD is a new version of the classic Philosopher's Tone compression/sustainer/distortion pedal that has been a favorite for many guitarists. This new limited version of the Philosopher's Tone comes equipped with 1N60 Germanium Diodes in an asymmetrical clipping format. What this translates into is a smooth top end and midrange response, creating more character and even more punch than the original Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone. If you felt that the original circuits in the Philosopher's Tone were brilliant, wait until you hear how the Germanium diodes add to the overall character of this compressor/sustainer pedal. The clean side of the Philosopher's Tone remains the same - dial in your Treble and Volume to get the signal you desire. Use the Sustain Knob to dial in the amount of compression you need - this will provide a sustain unheard of in many compression pedals, and retain the original integrity of your tone. The Grit knob acts as a blender control, and you can dial in more or less grit, depending on your tastes. Your clean and overdriven tones from the Philosopher's Tone can be blended perfectly - with just the right amount of grit for your playing. The Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold LTD really brings something special to the world of compression stompboxes. With Germanium diodes, a more refine treble response, incredible sustain, and smooth overdrive on hand, this is the compression pedal to have on your board.

The new version of the Philosopher's Tone will astound you. Of course, the original version was one of the best compressors/sustainers available…but the Germanium Gold LTD will give you much more smoothness in your top end and a punchy but not overbearing mid range. The Grit knob, now reconfigured to blend your signals, will give you even more tonal variety. The transparency, sustain, low noise, and touch sensitivity of the Philosopher's tone is unmatched.


  • Grit: Mixes in layer of smooth distortion into the effect
  • Sustain: Sets the threshold for the compressor. Turn it up for more intense compression and sustain
  • Blend: Determines mix of effected and dry signal
  • Treble: Either cuts or boosts high frequencies
  • Volume: Sets output signal

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