Pigtronix NOVA Envelope Phaser



The NOVA Envelope Phaser is a handpainted, hot-rod version of the classic Pigtronix Envelope controlled Phaser pedal. Taking our original design one step further, the NOVA Envelope Phaser features an additional “0-5V CV Input” for allowing external control voltages from MOOG synths and other gear to modulate this unique analog beast.

When the CV Input is used, the Envelope Phaser’s internal LFO is replaced by whatever signal is being fed to the CV jack. The pedal’s envelope feature remains fully intact, which means you can blend Pigtronix advanced envelope follower with additional CV sources, using the DEPTH / BLEND knob to mix between them. This creative modification opens up all sorts of new sounds such as step sequencing, sample & hold, multiple waveform modulation and tap tempo sync using a controller such as the Moog MP-201.

Designed for and available exclusively from NOVA MUSIK, the NOVA Envelope Phaser is intended to be paired with the matching NOVA Disnortion for creating space age effects never before heard by the ears of humankind.

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