Pigtronix NOVA Disnortion



The NOVA Disnortion is a handpainted, hot-rod version of the classic Pigtronix Octave, Fuzz and Overdrive pedal. Taking the original design one step further, the NOVA Disnortion features a “DESTROY” switch the puts the overdrive in series with the fuzz, for  the ultimate high gain Pigtronix sound.

With the DESTROY switch in the off position, the NOVA version retains all the advantages of the stock Disnortion’s unique parallel processing, essentially double tracking your instrument inside the pedal. With the DESTROY switch turned on, the output of the Overdrive feeds into the Fuzz for complete sonic arrmagedon.  This new mode allows you to crank up the level control on the overdrive to push the input of the fuzz far harder than most normal people would consider reasonable.

Designed for and available exclusively from NOVA MUSIK, the NOVA Disnortion is intended to be paired with the matching NOVA Envelope Phaser for creating space age effects never before heard by the ears of humankind.

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