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Pigtronix FAT Philosopher combines our two best selling circuits into a single, high performance, dual footswitch stompbox. This custom shop masterpiece features a modified Philosopher’s Rock with an added parallel BLEND control wired together with our FAT Drive to create the ultimate zen tone machine. The two effects featured in the FAT Philosopher can be individually engaged or stacked together to produce everything from studio quality parallel compression coupled with amp-like overdrive to, soaring high gain lead tones that sustain forever, at any volume.

Equally effective with instrument or line level signals, the FAT Philosopher is the ultimate live performance or studio recording tool for musicians seeking infinite clean sustain and germanium distortion, coupled with all analog tube emulated overdrive to enhance the sound of ANY instrument or even finished tracks. Additional flexibility is delivered via Send & Return jacks on the back side of the pedal that allow additional effects to be patched in between the compression and overdrive circuits on the FAT Philosopher. Both the drive and boost sections in the FAT Philosopher are based on Pigtronix unique analog designs that set the world standard for noiseless sustain and touch sensitive overdrive with exceptional note clarity and overall sonic girth.

FAT Philosopher runs great on 9VDC from most standard power supplies, but ships with a Pigtronix 18V supply for maximum headroom and overall output levels.  Both of these sections are “True Bypass,” providing transparent pass through when not in use. FAT Philosopher is available exclusively from Sweetwater.

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