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Steve Williams (Pigdog)

Okay guys, its MkIII time. No circuit mods, no tweak this, tweak that, messing with shit that was cool in the first place. No excuses, this is a full on MkIII, warts and all. I recon Mr Sola would have preferred no LED and DC power socket. Well, yeah, me too. But, JUJU is pedal-board friendly and you have to include this stuff for those things. So, a MkIII Tonebender with funky short skirt, hanging around in Carnaby Street, Biba style gold graphics and hard wearing glossy powder-coat violet/purple mix. Based on a couple of my own selected MkIII's JUJU is!

The circuit layout is my own, designed so that it makes sense to me for the build, fits in the small case easily and looks nice. Vero/strip board type circuit construction and mounted on a nice custom made bracket like the MkII's. The transistors are unbranded black glass, Mullard OC71 or OC72's. Proper 1960's black glass, just like the Vox and Sola units of the day (other variants exist of course!). No saying stuff is old or/and rare when it plainly isn't. Huge amounts of fuzz and volume, low signal to noise ratio, treble that cuts the heads off punks who think they are better than you and thick low end brass tone available when you feel in the mood, rude and with feedback when you want it, smooth and classy when you don't, mass chaos, women and children. Well, you get the idea.

Only 10 of these. First come first served. They are priced at £209.00 each + shipping. 5 year warranty.

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