Pigdog Heavy Load



Heavy Load is a switchable fuzz and boost pedal.

You get a great sounding silicon fuzz and a great sounding silicon boost. Full switching options (Red LED indicates your Boost and Green is your Fuzz).

For what is a pretty high gain pedal, it is a pretty quiet and has a good range of very usable sounds.

With the fuzz side, think well tuned supercharged Fuzz Face, whilst the boost stage has tons of gain on tap and is biased with its feet firmly planted into mids territory. You will have no issues being heard above the rest of your band.

There is easy battery access (9v PP3 is supplied) and a 9v socket for regular boss type connector/negative tip.

The case is custom made, folded steel to my own design and then professionally powder-coated and screen-printed. The parts are the very best available and mounted on tag-board.

The pedal sits well planted on the floor or the rubber feet are easily removable if you wish to mount on a pedal-board.

Heavy Load should last you a lifetime on the road.


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