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The Reisman takes the classic Dallas Rangemaster circuit, updates it for modern players and add several HUGE improvements to the original circuit.

The original Rangemaster is a legendary effect - It was used most notably by Brian May of Queen to kick out the infamous British overdrive tones on their records, and many other players have used it as a treble booster to push their lead tone into new territories of response and dynamics.

The Reisman uses the germanium transistor Rangemaster circuit as a starting point and then adds several key improvements to make it much more than a one-trick pony. The big feature is the 12-way tone switch - To the left, it's classic Rangemaster treblemaking, designed to crunch up the preamp tubes and add sparkle and chime to the darkest Brit-inspired amplifier.  As you turn up the control, you add in more of the frequency spectrum, taking it from treble-heavy all the way to a full-range boost. This is also where the real fun begins - As you turn the dial up further and start bringing more mids and bass into the equation, not only does the signal frequency start to level out but the OC44 starts to add some very smooth, textured clipping of its own. This smooth germanium edge combines with the added crunch and dynamics from cooking the tubes to create a wide palette of full, round overdrive tones. You can quickly go from a big rock sound to a tight, focused sting in a couple clicks, all while adding more punch and harmonics from the amp’s own tube set!

Key Features:

  • Hand-biased germanium OC44 transistor for authentic tone, hand-biased to GEO spec.
  • 12-way tone switch goes from clean treble to gritty full-range boost.
  • Handwired point-to-point construction for durability and low noise.
  • Built into a 125B enclosure with top-mounted jacks to maximize the squeeze factor on your pedal board.
  • Solid component choice throughout - Alpha pots, Neutrik jacks, etc.
  • True bypass switching w/ LED indicator.
  • Powered off either 9V battery or 9V positive-pin power supply
  • Custom graphics with multiple coats of clear urethane for long-term protection.

If you've been looking for an authentic Rangemaster-style boost need a boost that adds it's one edge to the mix, you owe it to your tone to put the Reisman at the front of your signal chain!

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