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The Ennio Ultimate Trilogy from Pierce Custom Electronics! There are tons of fuzz pedals on the market, but there are only a handful that will give you that insanely rude, buzzy madness you hear on the biker, surf and psychedelic records from the 60s. The Mosrite Fuzzrite was one of the most famous, and when you want that raises eyebrows and makes no apologies, there's nothing else that'll do!

After the success of my Ennio Standard and Trilogy models, I've decided to release this "ultimate" version of the pedal.  It shares all the features that make the Ennio such a benchmark for Fuzzrite/Maestro style fuzz tones, but adds a third "Trilogy" control that's unlike anything else on the market today!

Lots of fuzz players quickly discover that by rolling back your guitar's volume, you can change the texture of certain fuzz circuits and access completely different tones than what are available at full volume.  The Ennio is very much in this camp, as many players have raved about how interactive it sounds with their guitar's volume knob, and there are some great garage-inspired overdrive tones to be found this way.

The one problem with this approach - As an instrumental surf guitarist, I don't have time to fiddle with the volume knob mid-song to get a certain tone, especially at the risk of dropping too low in the mix of our trio or, even worse, blowing everyone out when I roll the volume back up after the fuzzed-up passage is over.  As a pedal designer, I'm big on being able to keep unity volume across a circuit, which is why I started offering the Trilogy Switch to let players access the lower-volume tones on a toggle.

Our new Trilogy Control takes it one step further and gives you complete, variable control of the gain cut feature.  Rolled all the way up, and you have the full-on buzzsaw of the Ennio, but no matter how far you roll it back, the pedal retains the sizzling high end that's so signature to this type of fuzz - Best of both worlds!

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Trilogy Control - A third "gain cut" knob not found on any other 60s fuzz pedal!
  • Additional graphics that put the pattern from the infamous Eastwood serape on either side of the pedal!
  • Handwired point-to-point construction on perfboard for durability and low noise.
  • Built into a 125BB enclosure with top-mounted jacks to maximize the squeeze factor on your pedal board.
  • Solid component choice throughout - Alpha pots, Neutrik jacks, etc.
  • Built with 2N4401 Silicon transistors according to the Sanner-designed schematic that makes this tone so great!
  • True bypass switching
  • Powered off either 9V battery or industry standard 9V negative-pin power supply -- One well-placed orange LED

My Standard Ennio has gotten great reviews from many guitarists who, like me, were left a bit disappointed by the current Fuzzrite-style pedals, and with this special edition "Ultimate Trilogy" I feel we've successfully created the most versatile 60s-style fuzz on the market today!

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