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The Ennio - a handwired clone of the infamous Mosrite Fuzzrite! There are tons of fuzz pedals on the market, but there are only two or three that will give you that insanely rude, buzzy madness you hear on the biker, surf and psychedelic records from the 60s. The Mosrite Fuzzrite was one of the most famous, and when you want that raises eyebrows and makes no apologies, there's nothing else that'll do!

This pedal is a handwired clone of the Fuzzrite that I've dubbed "The Ennio" in tribute to the infamous Spaghetti Western composer, Ennio Morricone, that incorporates some key improvements over many of the Fuzzrite-style pedals out there.

Key Features:

  • Handwired point-to-point construction on perfboard for durability and low noise.
  • Built into a 125B enclosure with top-mounted jacks to maximize the squeeze factor on your pedal board.
  • Solid component choice throughout - Alpha pots, Neutrik jacks, etc.
  • Built with 2N4401 Silicon transistors according to the Sanner-designed schematic that makes this tone so great!
  • True bypass switching
  • Powered off either 9V battery or industry standard 9V negative-pin power supply -- One well-placed orange LED
  • Custom graphics with multiple coats of gloss urethane for long-term protection.

If you're looking for the trebly, buzzy fuzz you hear on Spaghetti Western soundtracks, Dave Allen and the Arrows or classic Ventures tunes, they're all inside this little box - and then some! As a player, I was dissatisfied with the crop of modern Fuzzrite clones on the market - I wanted one with an LED, with a normal-sized enclosure, with jacks I could see to adjust while playing and with an LED indicator - so I decided to build one myself. I also wanted it to look as gnarly as it sounds, so I went the extra mile to create graphics that really put the finishing touch on a classic fuzz circuit.

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