PH Pedals Silly Fuzz


Aaron Tomberlin

Need a distortion/fuzz pedal with tons of gain? This Silly Fuzz pedal got its name from the four powerful silicon transistors built in its core. “Sili” translated to “Silly” by southern accents. This pedal is very versatile that can be used both for a rock/metal fuzz or a great sounding powerful distortion. At lower gains, it has a great vintage tone. Turn the gain wide open, tone about 9 o’clock, and adjust the level to get a great rock fuzz sound, or leave the gain almost off, tone somewhere above 12 o’clock, and experience the raw sweet sound of the transistors as they create the perfect distortion.


  • True bypass.
  • All analog hand selected components with strict tolerances.
  • Equipped with 4 high gain BC109C transistors.
  • Toggle bass switch that allows for low end, or to be used with a bass guitar.
  • Completely hand-built and designed from the worktable up.

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