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Aaron Tomberlin

Tired of muddy sounding lead boost pedals? The BOOM! pedal is 30db of clean boost. Use this pedal on your sweet clean tube amp and hear a great sounding clean boost, or use it to get a more accurate lead boost of your current pedal and amp settings. Start at about 9 o’clock and use this pedal as a line boost. Get up to about 12 o’clock and you’ll have a great sounding clean lead boost, and when you start to turn it passed 2 o’clock you can use this pedal for a mega drive/distortion pedal! Equipped with a large control knob, you can easily adjust the volume of your boost with your foot on the fly.


  • True bypass.
  • All analog hand selected components with strict tolerances.
  • 30db of gain.
  • Large knob for on-the-fly use with your foot.
  • Completely hand-built and designed from the worktable up.

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