PH Pedals 8 Ball Octave


Aaron Tomberlin

Everyone can use an Octave pedal. The 8 Ball Octave pedal is so simply designed, yet so versatile. With four octave volume knobs, you are able to control the volume of the note of any octave you want, or all of them- turn any octave all the way up, or all the way down/off. Two octaves down, one down, current note, and one octave up- you can turn all octave volumes up and have a pretty big sound, especially mixed with other effects. This pedal is great for blues when you need a cool sounding octave solo with multiple octaves and fast moving notes, and it’s perfect for rock and metal solos. Octaves sound great in just about anything. Try it out with just the “-2? (two down) knob all the way up mixed in with a fuzz pedal and get some pretty funky sounds.


  • True bypass.
  • All analog hand selected components with strict tolerances.
  • Super bright blue LED light.
  • Completely hand-built and designed from the worktable up.

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