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Octopus is a stompbox based on the famous “Octavia” pedal, originally invented by Roger Mayer for Jimi Hendrix. The prototype was actually called “Octavio,” to differentiate it from the mass produced version made by Tycobrahe.

The sound of the Octopus is part octave up effect, part fuzz, and all sonic insanity. It may take some practice to get used to how and when to use this effect. The Octopus has the same circuit as the original Octavia, although it has been changed from positive to negative ground to allow you to use the standard “Boss” style adapter with a negative center pin, and we have added a stomp switch to turn the octave effect on or off. This is truly an over the top effect.


  • DC Power Jack You can use from 9 to 24 volts with this effect. Roger Mayer says that the “Octavio” was designed to run on 24 volts, so the Octopus is built to handle the same. It sounds great on 9 volts to me, though. Center pin Negative.

  • “Power” switch The Octopus gives you true bypass with an LED indicator. This means that when you turn the pedal off, your guitar signal does not pass through the effect at all. The Octopus will not effect your tone unless you turn it on. Turn it on by stepping on the stomp switch.

  • “Octave” switch You can turn off the Octave and still have all the insane fuzz that this pedal can produce. Simply step on the “Octave” switch. If the LED is on then you are getting Octave. If it’s off, you are getting no Octave.

  • “Level” control This knob controls the overall level of the effect. Adjust it for unity gain or for boost if you prefer, but BE CAREFUL! This thing has lots of gain. Start with the Level knob around 9:00.

  • “Intensity” control Think of this knob as a “more fuzz, less octave” control. The lower settings give more of the octave and bizarre “ring modulator” type sounds, while the higher settings bring in more fuzz and lots more sustain. Try keeping this knob turned down and dialing in some overdrive on your amp or from a fuzz or overdrive pedal.

  • “Mod” switch It’s well known that the best way to get the octave sound to really come out on an Octavia is to use your neck pickup and turn your tone all the way down in order to minimize overtones and get the purest possible tone into the pedal. With the “Mod” switch in the UP position, you will not need to turn your tone knob down when using the Octopus. The “Mod” switch is a very simple low pass filter that works exactly like the tone knob on your guitar. With “Mod” UP and “Intensity” down you can get great octave sounds. Put this pedal before a fuzz and it’s unreal!

Warranty info

If you aren’t satisfied with the product, there is a one-week money back guarantee, as long as it is returned in new condition. There is also a lifetime warranty; if it breaks, I’ll fix it for free. If you break it by dropping it down the stairs or using it as a bath toy or an ashtray, I’ll still fix it, but you’ll have to pay for repairs in that instance. You ship the pedal to me, I will ship it back to you.

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