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The Cream Tangerine is a smooth sounding compressor that when used correctly can give a lot more presence to your tone. Your single note lines will jump out and your chords will have more kick. You also get more sustain (though not the “endless sustain” of other compressors). This pedal adds a little gain to your sound as well, and can be used as a (mostly) clean boost for leads, or set for unity gain. The Cream Tangerine is a clone of the “Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer,” and has the exact same signal path. The only changes from the original are the use of 1% metal film resistors which are less noisy than the original carbon resistors, true bypass, an attack control (subtle but very useful for humbuckers and bass) and the volume and bias controls mounted on the outside of the box (the original Orange Squeezer had an internal trim pot for volume control). This is also a great compressor for bass. The pedal can run on 9-18 volts. You will receive the CREAM PEDAL pictured unless you ask for the orange one.

Some of the features of this fine pedal include:

  • “Bias” control The most important thing to do when you get your Cream Tangerine is to make sure that the bias is set correctly. The “Bias” knob controls the amount of compression as well as the signal strength. If you want more compression, you get less gain (though still enough to use the pedal as a clean boost). If you want more gain, you get less compression. Here’s how to set the bias. Plug your Cream Tangerine in. Turn the “Level” knob up to about half way. Turn the “Bias” control all the way down. Play your guitar and bring the knob up until you start to hear sound. This is your minimum setting, which will give you less gain, but more compression. The higher the bias, the lower the compression, and the more gain. I like to set the pedal for unity gain with the volume knob at about 12-1:00.

  • “Attack” control Set this knob straight up for the original attack of a classic orange squeezer. Adjusting it up or down will give you a faster or slower attack which will make this pedal play nicer with bass and humbucking guitars.

  • “Level” control This knob controls the overall level of the effect. Adjust it for unity gain or for boost if you prefer.

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