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The Third Gear Overdrive provides the user with a fantastic range of overdrive tones. It will range anywhere from a good muddy overdrive to a screaming balls to the wall mids-highs expander. Why "Third Gear"?... well, this is the Third generation of this design AND it has Three knobs... works for us!!!

The sound of the Third Gear is not entirely unique, but it's range is fantastic. Sure, you could use three other pedals to get every sound this one can make, but if you only want one on your board, this is the pedal for you. The Gain knob is highly dynamic, ranging from a soft barely-driven signal to an almost excessive gain boost. The Tone knob will bring you from Mud to outer space! Volume... well, we all know what volume does :).

Very simple layout for a very versatile pedal; this is almost always our goal. The pedal features painted sides, full grit grip tape top/back with our usual FULL BOTTOM grip of industrial grade diamond-plate molded rubber for MAXIMUM stability on a stages without the need for velcro or clamps! The overall design is meant to be sleek yet extremely functional. The pedal is extremely light (full aluminum angular housing) and features a YELLOW LED indicator. This pedal is, of course, true bypass and is a FULL ANALOG CIRCUIT.

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