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Good ol' Glassy!!! We just love this pedal. There are too many musicians out there who LOVE playing guitars with humbuckers (for good reasons) but occassionally want the sound of a vintage strat... solution: The Glass-O-Caster.

This has to be the most classy pedal we've ever produced. It features faux tweed covering with an etched name plate bolted right onto the facing. The pedal is nothing shy of beautiful. The sound, of course, does exactly what it says it will. Like playing a Les Paul? Great! Love an ESP? Perfect! You can still get that classic Strat sound at the push of a button. The three controls on this pedal are strictly for fine-tuning the tonality of the pedal as well as controlling the overall output level.

The pedal features painted sides with our usual FULL BOTTOM grip of industrial grade diamond-plate molded rubber for MAXIMUM stability on a stages without the need for velcro or clamps! The pedal is extremely light (full aluminum angular housing) and features a GREEN LED indicator. This pedal is, of course, true bypass and is a FULL ANALOG CIRCUIT.

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