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Fuzzy Jr. is a near identical replica of the Fuzzymoto. The sound circuit is exactly the same: Fuzz and Volume. See the Fuzzymoto page for complete details regarding the sound.

Exclusive to Fuzzy Jr. is the bright blue LED indicator. Also, the housing is substantially smaller than our standard line and less than half the size of the original Fuzzymoto. It still features actual fuzz on the side of the pedal. The overall construction of Fuzzy Jr. is made with the touring musician in mind. It is compact, light-weight and features a FULL BOTTOM grip of industrial grade diamond-plate molded rubber for MAXIMUM stability on a stage without the need for velcro or clamps!

This pedal is a current continuous production model. Unlike the Fuzzymoto, we have no plans to cease production of Fuzzy Jr. These ARE made in limited quantities (at any given time), but more are available at any time upon request.

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