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The Frank 'n Fuzz is another take on our classic fuzz circuit. It features the SAME fuzz circuit as the Fuzzymoto (see Fuzzymoto page for details) with two added features: Highs and Lows controls. The Highs give it a shreiking quality that will cut through ANYTHING else on stage. The Lows will take your fuzz from warm to just downright muddy. Each stage of EQ is selectable on/off via toggle switches on the pedal.

What is unique about this? The actual toggles are TRUE BYPASS. No buffering here! If you don't want to use one or either of the EQ bands, just switch it off and it's not even there!!! Each band also features an indicator LED to let you know its position.

The layout of this pedal was meant to look, well, unique. The knobs will be randomly selected from our stock of several hundered (at least 50 unique styles) so that each pedal will be unique. The LEDS will also be selected at random from our grab-bag of multiple colors (Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue, Amber, etc.). The paint finish is a Hammered Green giving it a truely grotesque look along with its stitch along the facing. On occassion, we'll even throw some fuzzy sideburns along the sides for added shock value.

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