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The sound of the Cluster Funk is reminicent of tremolo, but it is not. It is a super-fast modulator that is sort of a one-trick pony. You WILL NOT use this pedal all the time... it will sound aweful! You WILL, however, enjoy throwing it in the mix during a solo or bridge to get a whole new dynamic thrown into the song. Think of a standard tremolo pedal made by any manufacturer, turn the speed knob up ALL THE WAY... then turn it 180 degrees futher. Well, although you can't actually do this, we already did it for you and called it The Cluster Funk. It is, of course, true bypass, and like ALL our other units, a FULL ANALOG CIRCUIT.

The housing is nothing shy of intense. It features neon duct tape which is applied randomly over the entire facing and back of the pedal. No two are alike!!! The knobs are also flourescent and will vary in position depending on how the tape lays out. The physical controls are always in the same position though (two fine tuning knobs for depth and speed as well as a standard output volume control). As with all our other pedals, it is compact, light-weight and features a FULL BOTTOM grip of industrial grade diamond-plate molded rubber for MAXIMUM stability on a stage without the need for velcro or clamps! The indicator LED will be randomly selected for each unit out of a grab-bag of multiple colors (Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue, Amber, etc).

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