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Aggression Session is a true grit distortion pedal. The housing is our standard size angular aluminum casing which provides long life durability, good looks, comfort and reliablity for the footswitch while still keeping the finished product at a weight of a mere few ounces. The pedal is hand painted then labeled with classic impression label tape!

The sound of the Aggression Session is truly unique. Unlike most pedals using only diodes or transistors to create clipping, we're using everything. The entire circuit is analog and features (as an intrigal part of the circuit) Germanium Diodes, Light Emitting Diodes, Operational Amplifiers AND Transistors. You get the tone of Germaniums, the sharp bite of LEDS, the reliability of Op Amps and the powerful feeling of Transistors ALL AT ONCE! This allows for a truly full-bodied distortion. The best part: The LEDS are exposed to the top of the pedal and glow in conjunction to your signal (and yes, they are GREEN). Long story short: You pick, they flash!!!

On the user end, the disign is simple: Gain, Tone and Volume (labeled Bark, Bite and Pain). This pedal is, of course, true bypass, and the LED indicator for signal transfer is bright blue. It is compact, light-weight and features a FULL BOTTOM grip of industrial grade diamond-plate molded rubber for MAXIMUM stability on a stage without the need for velcro or clamps! Like all our other pedals, this one is a FULL ANALOG CIRCUIT.

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