Pharaoh Sweet Cheetah 2 - Modern Distortion



The Pharaoh Amps Sweet Cheetah 2 is a high-gain distortion pedal great for modern rock and metal tones.

The Sweet Cheetah 2 is a re-design of one of our original pedals, the Sweet Cheetah. The original Cheetah used a discrete-transistor design and selectable clipping diodes for 6 different distortion sounds, plus a footswitchable boost mode. The new Sweet Cheetah 2 discards the temperamental original circuit in favor of a stable high-gain design that allows the user to reach new heights (or depths) of distortion.

The Sweet Cheetah 2 uses a high-impedance input amplifier, a special clipping device selected for its interesting distorted sound, and a low-impedance output stage for the greatest compatibility with other effects and amplifiers. The SC2 is capable of ridiculous amounts of distortion and has lots of output level for slamming your amp, too!

Early Sweet Cheetah 2 pedals were trimmed with a faux-fur strip. Due to numerous requests, we have discontinued the fur trim. No, the pedals aren't furry any more, but now at least you won't have to shampoo it after every gig!


  • "Volume:" The Volume control adjusts the overall output level.
  • "Gain:" The Gain control is an input gain control for the first amplifier section. Lower settings of the Gain control provide overdrive-like or clean-boost type sounds. Higher settings of the Gain control offer more and more distortion.
  • "Tone:" The Tone control is a simple low-pass / high roll-off filter to take unwanted treble out of the output signal


  • Sturdy sealed aluminum PRO housing with a baked-on enamel finish
  • True bypass switching AND LED indicator with heavy duty 3PDT switch (available in all pedals in 2005 and later)
  • 2.1mm DC power jack, compatible with most popular power supplies
  • High-quality Switchcraft input and output jacks
  • Durable glass-epoxy circuit board and top-notch components
  • Stable IC op-amp based circuit for reliable operation
  • Socketed input / output device allows the user to choose hundreds of different amplifiers for any desired performance. Compatible with JRC45558, LM1458, LF353, LM358, TL072, and many more.

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