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The Pharaoh Amps Monument Compressor pedal is a vintage-style compressor, great for guitar and bass.

The Monument Compressor revisits a famous vintage design, using a special variable amplifier to give guitarists a unique sound. The Monument is capable of providing a great clean boost or extreme "squashy" compression. Simple controls allow the user to quickly dial in the perfect tone, and sturdy made-in-USA construction ensure continued use for years.

The Monument is great for thickening your single-note leads, smoothing out your chicken-pickin', and adding juicy sustain to your slide playing. The Monument also works well with other effects and is great for evening out the harsh tones of some overdrives.

Co-designed by Francisco Peña of TonePad, the Monument is a modern compressor with a vintage tone. Low-noise circuit design and attention to detail in circuit board layout result in a smooth, quiet unit with plenty of "squash."


  • "Volume:" The Volume control adjusts the overall output level.
  • "Sustain:" The Sustain control adjusts the amount of gain reduction and the threshold at which the compressor begins to work - higher Sustain settings "squash" the sound more, providing greater compression and making notes ring longer


  • Sturdy sealed aluminum PRO housing with a baked-on enamel finish
  • True bypass switching AND LED indicator
  • 2.1mm DC power jack, compatible with most popular power supplies
  • High-quality Switchcraft input and output jacks
  • Durable glass-epoxy circuit board and top-notch components
  • Uses the same voltage-controlled amplifier as the vintage Ross and MXR compressors

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