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The Pharaoh Amps Magnolia PLUS Vintage Overdrive pedal is a vintage-style overdrive, based on classic circuitry and built with modern high-quality construction methods.

The Magnolia PLUS uses a JRC4558 IC for a smooth vintage tone, and has a unique gain control designed to give the maximum flexibility. The pedal can be used as a great clean boost (similar to the "SRV setup,") or as a flexible vintage-voiced overdrive.

Now featuring an internal High Voltage Amplifier circuit, the Magnolia PLUS doubles the battery or adapter voltage to run the pedal circuitry from 18V. The increased voltage results in more headroom, much less compression, and a vastly increased output level. The High Voltage Amplifier enables the Magnolia PLUS to function as an overdrive or clean boost, with enough output level to overdrive the cleanest amps!

The Magnolia PLUS provides a solid tone base for shaping your own personal sound, giving you vintage-style overdrive without the vintage-style mid-hump! The pedal is suitable for most types of guitars and amps, and is designed with a "big bottom" sound that never gets thin.

The Magnolia PLUS is warm like a Southern summer night, and smooth like molasses - the perfect companion to your hard-working tube amp and guitar, giving you exactly what you need to get that tone in your head!


  • "Volume:" The Volume control adjusts the overall output level.
  • "Gain:" At low gain settings the Magnolia's clipping circuit is bypassed, allowing the pedal to function as a great clean boost with tone control. As the gain is increased, the clipping circuit is brought slowly into use. The middle of the gain control offers unique "blended" sounds, with a bold, cleanish attack and a grinding sustain. At high gain levels, the pedal functions much like a vintage TS-series pedal.
  • "Tone:" The Tone control rolls off unwanted high frequencies from the output signal.


  • Sturdy sealed aluminum PRO housing with a baked-on enamel finish
  • True bypass switching AND LED indicator with heavy duty 3PDT switch (not pictured, available on all pedals built from 2005 on)
  • 2.1mm DC power jack, compatible with most popular power supplies
  • Internal High Voltage Amplifier Circuit - runs the pedal on 18V internally, but only uses a 9V battery or adapter
  • High-quality Switchcraft input and output jacks
  • Durable glass-epoxy circuit board and top-notch components
  • Uses the same JRC4558 amplifier as the vintage TS-series pedals
  • Socketed amplifier chip enables the user to fine-tune the pedal to taste by using different chips.

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