PFX Bipolar



BIPOLAR: buffer, booster, overdrive.

The BIPOLAR is an extremely versatile stompbox, ready to take any place you want in your pedalboard. With just 3 knobs you can achieve an incredible spectrum of tones.

Buffer: a clean, transparent and silent buffer, perfect for long pedal chains and cables. MOOD knob at 0, Gain at 0, Volume full.

Booster: if you add Gain it becomes a Booster. Clear and transparent with lower gain, rich and dynamic at higher gain. It can add sparkles and "fatness" to your tone and responds to your picking style.

Overdrive: it's time to play with the MOOD knob! Rotating it will add progressive distortion and facets to your sound. From just a bit crunchy to full overdrive!

Enjoy exploring your tone with new settings: Gain at 0 and MOOD at full? Does a booster before the BIPOLAR will push it into a FUZZ or a Distortion?

Other features:

  • Bi-color led: blue powered, green active;
  • Anti-noise and anti-RF filter;
  • True Bypass;
  • Each component manually tested and verified;
  • High quality WIMA caps;
  • High quality Switchcraft jacks
  • Completely handmade;

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