Pfeiffer Electronics Echo Box - Digital Delay with Analog Flavor



This delay pedal is technically a digital delay. However, it has been carefully designed to produce a warm analog delay sound by shaping the signal to resemble the same characteristics of an analog delay.


  • Repeats controls the number of echoes
  • Volume controls the echo volume. This is very useful for creating repeats that don't step on or cover up your original notes.
  • Speed controls the speed of the echoes

This guitar pedal has true bypass using a 3PDT heavy duty stomp switch. Powered by a 9V, negative post AC adaptor (not included), or battery. Includes reverse polarity protection circuitry.

All Pfeiffer pedals are hand-wired and finished with attractive laser printed lettering sealed in a polymer coating.

Two year warranty.

Dimensions: 1590 enclosure (4.7" x 3.7" x 1.2")

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