Lawrence Petross Design (LPD) Sixty 8 Deluxe


Lawrence Petross Design (LPD)

Since the release of the LPD Sixty 8 Drive, amazing feedback has been pouring in. Lots of love and plenty of suggestions. We've listened and incorporated this feedback into the design of the LPD Sixty 8 Deluxe!

The Sixty 8 Deluxe features all the great sound and feel of the original Sixty 8 Drive plus:

  • 9-18 VDC Operation
  • Low current draw, 12mA
  • Power outage / brown out default to bypass
  • Top mounted input, output and DC jacks
  • Soft touch click free switching
  • Performance switchable 24dB adjustable pre-gain Boost
  • Two performance switchable Gain modes Red (high) and Green (low)
  • Independent control of each of the 3 switching operations; Active/Bypass, Gain Mode and Boost

I personally build, sign and date each Sixty 8 Deluxe.

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