Lawrence Petross Design (LPD) Sixty 8 Drive


Lawrence Petross Design (LPD)

The LPD Sixty 8 Drive is an overdrive pedal designed with these goals in mind.

  • Opamp buffered bypass for clean signal integrity over long cable runs
  • High headroom, touch sensitivity and reactivity to the guitar volume control
  • Maximized sustain without compromising feel
  • Two distinct voices and gain structures
  • Pre-clipping bass control, post-clipping treble control
  • 1590A enclosure size for lightweight, high-density pedal boards

The LPD Sixty 8 Drive was designed to capture as much of my favorite 1968 Marshall Plexi as I could given the architecture constraints. I think it was a success. As one of my clients put it, "The Sixty 8 is Andy Timmons Resolution album in a box!" I think that statement fits perfectly.

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