Lawrence Petross Design (LPD) Modern Classic


Lawrence Petross Design (LPD)

The LPD Modern Classic is a dynamic overdrive based in the lineage of the true classics. From edge of break-up to high-gain English type crunch, the tone stays smooth and clear.

The Tone control has a slow taper from 10-2 o'clock, allowing for fine adjustments to match your instrument, amp and speaker.

The Clean control allows for dialing in any level of clean signal to enhance the clarity and punch. This is also a huge benefit to Bass players as you can maintain all of your low frequencies while having that tube type overdrive on the mid-range.

There's a huge variety of lush and complex overdrive and distortion tones in this pedal, and unlike many pedals, the Modern Classic sounds as great at high performance volume levels as it does in your bedroom.

9-18VDC operation using a center negative Boss style power supply.

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