Lawrence Petross Design (LPD) Kokopelli


Lawrence Petross Design (LPD)

Capturing all the great sounds and smooth feel of 70's British tube amplifiers, the Kokopelli overdrive was made to sing. From dynamic rhythm tones to soaring leads, the Kokopelli is always on the mark.

The direct layout allows you to focus on your tone and not be distracted by twisting an overabundance of knobs. Two knobs, Level and Drive, allow you to dial in the sweet spot while the Fat switch provides balanced performance for both humbuckers and single coils.

Solid artisan hand-built construction, right here in Arizona USA means attention to detail, high quality and long life.

The LPD Kokopelli features:

  • 9-18VDC operation

  • 1M Ohm input impedance
  • 10k output impedance
  • Solid copper relay bypass
  • Bold high definition tone that's also smooth and refined
  • Fat switch enables enhanced low-frequency gain and power
  • Preserves the unique tonal characteristics of different guitars and pickups
  • Very low noise, even with high-gain settings.

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