Lawrence Petross Design (LPD) FET Comp


Lawrence Petross Design (LPD)

The LPD FET COMP is inspired by the Rothwell Lovesqueeze Compressor with added features. Most notable the added Release control and the fly board friendly 1590A size. 

The Release control (small knob) allows you to control the release time of the compressor. Going from slightly faster than the stock Lovesqueeze (~20ms) to substantially longer than stock (~350ms). This allows you to be able to dial in the compression to whichever instrument you are using. 

The style of compression can go from tight and pumpy to smooth and completely natural. Ratio control goes from 1:1 - ~15:1. Allowing for anything from very subtle to plenty of squish. It is also possible to boost the input into the amp by dialing up the output of the compressor as there is plenty of volume boost on tap.

Handcrafted in Mesa AZ USA.

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