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Lawrence Petross Design (LPD)

The Clay Jones / Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive was the first boutique modified Ibanez Tubescreamer. It's a very balanced set of modifications to a classic design that allows it to become something more modern and yet still holds on to its heritage. An OPA2134 opamp is used as the platform for pristine audio fidelity and smooth overdrive along with the original BC546B input and output buffers. Every attempt has been made to build this pedal as an exact circuit clone, with the exception of the layout and fitting it into a small enclosure. This allows for the perfect platform for fly boards or those players who are looking to save room while still adding a highly sought after circuit. Two version are in production. Standard true bypass and relay true bypass. Panasonic film caps, Switchcraft jacks, handcrafted one at a time in Mesa AZ.

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