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Petersen Engineering

 Sagittarius information:

  • Clone of a Klon Centaur overdrive pedal with options for some exciting modifications
  • Fantastic transparent tone
  • Buffered Bypass footswitch as per the original Centaur design
  • Lightplate illuminates white when pedal is on
  • Gain - Controls the amount of drive
  • Volume - Controls the output level of the effect
  • Treble - sets the EQ in the treble frequency range.
  • Standard 9v DC power supply for pedals (Boss style 2.1mm barrel plug with a negative tip orientation)

Modification Options:

  • Stock: Replica of the original circuit
  • Silver Pony, A replica of a reverse engineered silver Klon Centaur featuring:
    • More Gain
    • Increased volume and treble for the dry signal
    • Better wet/dry ratio
    • Slight shift in range of Treble knob
    • Slight increase in brightness
  • Tone Capacitor mod: A common and well-regarded modification that fattens up the treble.
  • Bass mod: Makes the effect suitable for use as an overdrive for bass guitars.

All of our pedals are hand assembled in the UK.

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