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Perfect Square Electronics

Perfect Square Electronics has announced the Hyperslicer, a futuristic new guitar effects pedal also functional with bass and keyboard.

Like the future of music, the Hyperslicer is a unique blend of the old and the new. This is the next evolution of the tremolo.

The Hyperslicer is an electronica-inspired effect that sharply switches the signal on and off at a specific rate, controlled via tap tempo. The number of cycles can be set to 2,4,8, or infinite repeats.

The Hyperslicer is a hybrid of analog and digital technology. By using an analog signal path, power consumption is kept below 50mA, and the richness of tone is preserved, but the introduction of a flash-based microcontroller with nanoWatt technology provides the advantage of digital precision and complex operations.

The Hyperslicer is 100 percent manufactured in Santa Rosa, California at Perfect Square Electronics where perfectionism is considered strength. Each pedal is individually programmed and tested.

The Hyperslicer functions with both standard 9V adapters and 9V batteries. Packaged with a 9V battery (connected), the Hyperslicer is ready to go out of the box.

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