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We are excited to announce our new PepTone Fuzzolux Custom Fuzz pedal!

As all other PepTone products: Handmade here in Columbus OH with only top shelf parts and labor! True Bypass of course!

This is a 4 Transistor Fuzz Pedal that provides a smooth breakup in clipping with some serious attitude. The pedal is equipped with a Volume, Tone, Mids and Fuzz control to allow a fine tuned tone for each user. One of the biggest complaints with Fuzzes (for Guitar AND Bass players) is that Fuzzes get lost in the mix and typically have a scooped Mids section to make it worse. This Mids knobs is a great PepTone feature that allows you to dial in the Mids desired and help push the pedal in the front of the mix without being out of control loud in comparison to your bypass. The Tone is a fine tuned sweep that gives you a great range to balance out the Mids selection. The key is, sometimes Fuzzes when cranked get a low muddy mess or a high brittle bite; these tone controls work together to allow you to tune the pedal to your amp and set up. The Volume and Fuzz knobs work really well together and as you expect, provide a real organic natural Fuzz sustain that many are trying to get. This has been a Fuzz pedal that has knocked many well-known Fuzzes off of guitar and bass players pedal boards. We received a contact from the Tenacious D bassist who stated he is using the PepTone Fuzzolux on their current (2012) tour! Rockin the PepTone Fuzzolux on the bass!

This Fuzz is NOT a take on of the "Face type Fuzzes". This is a very musical wide range Fuzz that smooths and works with your guitar to provide a Fuzz tone that rips and soars. We even made this Fuzz work with low Fuzz settings to allow the pedal to work with your amp to push the amp into a natural saturation; that is if the musician desires a more organic Fuzz breakup.

With the Fuzz turned up all the way, the Fuzz gets the "Speaker exploding" sound that many adore in Fuzzes. All of this without an offensive brittle tone. A real smooth and controlled Fuzz tone. This Fuzz is truly a versatile Fuzz pedal that Guitarists and Bassist can BOTH use.

If you are a fan of our Russian or NYC Big Muff Mod, this is similar yet different. We loved the Muff Mod but thought it could be even better if we were to pick ALL parts as well as the values of each part. This build takes the Fuzz to new heights with an all-around higher quality build, smaller enclosures, improved clipping and fuzz sections, handpicked combo of NOS and high definition transistors, wider range of tone and of course the PepTone character Mids knob and Tone Cut capabilities. We are very excited and have been blow away by the final end results!

In addition, this pedal will be hand painted on a custom enclosure that looks unique and allows the musician to have a Fuzz pedal that doesn’t take up half the board!

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