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The PepTone Clean Boost Plus is a Pure Clean Boost pedal that will not change or alter your tone. If anything it Enhances your tone.

It's a simple one knob pedal, just adjust the boost/volume and you are good to go! As you can see there is an additional mico-toggle next to the right side of the Volume knob. This allows you to switch between a pure Cean Boost and a Compressed Gritty (Comp Grit) Boost. The "Comp Grit" boost isn't a gain or distortion setting but it just adds a little "Dirt" or "Spice" to the boost with a nice hint of a tube-feel compression. This feature can really give some special results when pushing an amp to break up or push an already ditorted amp further!

True Bypass. One knob for volume and one switch for two differnt boosts. Real simple.

Honestly, we don't care for Boost pedals with a "tone" knob. It makes it hard to get a tone without flabby lows or piercing highs, aka Sweet Spot. In the end, the sweet spot was always the most transparent and non-tone changing setting so why even have it? We thought, why not just leave your tone as it is?

So if it is a "transparent" and "non-tone changing" pedal how is it an "enhancer" to my tone?

Simple, it makes your amp/guitar/pedals work harder and really pushes them to produce at full capacity. It won't make your guitar sound different, but it just makes it... well, this one goes to 11.

Use the PepTone Clean Boost Plus for:

  • Solo Booster (Basic common use)
  • Push/Drive your amp further (Especially with low wattage amps)
  • Use as a Pre-Amp and leave the pedal ON at all times
  • Use before a Distortion or Overdrive pedal and use it to kick the Distortion/Overdrive pedal into another gear (It won't volume Boost the Overdrive/Distortion, it will saturate it further!).
  • Use at the end of your chain to retain any loss in signal from a long line of pedals (Leave ON at all times).
  • If you use low output and high output guitars this can settle the score when using a low output guitar, give the lower output guitar more push to make the switch between the two guitars less traumatic.

Details of the PepTone Clean Boost Plus:

  • True Bypass!
  • FET Boost design for the cleanest and most transparent tone
  • 4.37" X 2.37" X 1.07" Enclosure
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Ultra clear and bright LED
  • Military grade wiring
  • 100% Handmade
  • Simple, clean and easy to use/see layout.
  • 9v Adapter (Boss style) AND comes with a battery already installed

The difference between the Clean and the Comp Grit setting isn't out of this world different. It definitely gives you some option within one pedal. We turned a one trick pony into a dual threat/use. The simplicity of the pedal really sets the pedal. There isnt a tone knob to mess with to "try" to find that transparent tone setting.

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