Pepper Pedals Jalapeño - Overdrive


Jalapeños are one of the most common types of peppers. Everyone’s had one once in their life – I hope! Even if you hate Jalapeños, you just can’t seem to avoid them. The same can be said about Tube Screamers. The JALAPEÑO is a low to medium gain transparent overdrive with a familiar warm mid range for vintage tones with a few tweaks that open up the tonal possibilities of a standard TS. The SEEDS switch controls the amount of heat produced. Choose between Compressed (down) for asymmetrical silicon diode clipping; Crunch (up) for Red LED clipping; or Boost (middle) which removes the diodes completely for an open boost, similar to a Micro Amp with an active Tone circuit and master Volume. Use the STUFF switch to add additional calories and thicken things up a bit. This is especially useful when using single coil pickups.

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