Pepper Pedals Habanero - Fuzz


The HABANERO is a silicon Fuzz Face circuit with a modified Fuzz control. In a Fuzz Face pedal, your tone typically darkens as you decrease the Fuzz knob on the pedal. I’ve found that I got the best tones out of my Fuzz Face by keeping the pedal’s Fuzz knob cranked and using my guitar’s Volume knob as a Fuzz control. Since this is a common and very popular way to play with a Fuzz Face, I’ve incorporated this concept in to The HABANERO. The standard Fuzz is internally cranked at all times, and the FUZZ knob acts as an input control. The TONE knob helps tame the harsh silicon artifacts by dampening the sizzle from the second transistor. Here, you can simulate the classic “dark” tone of a Fuzz Face or dial in the right amount of brightness.

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