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The Penny Pedals LowFuzz is a completely different approach to a "fuzz" pedal. Not based off of the standard fuzz face, tonebender, or muff type circuits, it utilizes a single very high gain vintage 1960's germanium transistor combined with a voltage sag and high pass filter. The result is a sweet overdrive-y fuzz, or fuzzy overdrive, that's hard to describe yet hard to stop playing.

The controls are Volume (sounds best cranked... obviously!), Bass control (input high pass filter) and a Voltage control (from 9 volts down to 1 volt). At full tilt, it's a loud, heavy, moderately fuzzy boost. as you roll the bass knob back, it cleans up nicely, to the point where it works well as a boost with little distortion. As you roll the voltage back, it gets very fuzzy. By carefully turning each knob, you can literally "tune" exactly where the fuzz effect starts and stops; lows can be fuzzed, highs just boosted, or anywhere in between.

Another cool feature is the 'don't crush the knobs' roll bar. It may seem weird at first, but when you are rocking out on stage, the last thing you want to worry about is bumping a knob! Stomp away.

All the usual goodies including status LED, true bypass, switchcraft jacks, powdercoated enclosure, boss-style power jack or battery operation, Alpha potentiometers, and a lifetime guarantee.

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