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In it's simplest form, the Penny Pedals Flex Loop is just your basic true bypass effects loop pedal. These are great for taking tone sucking pedals out of your effects chain, reducing wear on vintage effects, turning multiple units on and off with one switch... the list is endless. You know the deal.

If you wanted to get a true bypass loop pedal, you had 3 options: build yourself (which i highly recommend!), get an 'off the shelf' unit, or have one custom built.

If a standard loop pedal works for you, sweet. And, you COULD get a custom made unit, with the input, output, send and return located wherever you like. BUT.... what if you switch up your pedal board? Who doesn't like to add, remove or update their board now and then? Your custom piece may not work for you next week, next month...

Thats where the Flex Loop comes in. The Flex Loop has 4 jacks (input, output, send, return), each of which can be assigned to whatever location on the pedal you like, at any time, without soldering or electrical knowledge. Want your input on the right, output on the bottom, with send and return on the top? Not sure if you may need a horizontal or vertical pedal? Not really sure what you need, or may need? No worries... all you need to do is move the color-coded jacks and your looper is now YOUR looper.

There's NO soldering required. All you need is a philips screwdriver, and adjustable wrench or pliers, and about 10 minutes. Full detailed instructions are included.

The FlexLoop requires a standard Boss-style pedal power supply (9 volts DC, 2.1mm jack); this is only for the LED to operate, there are NO electronics in your guitar signal's path.

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