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This is my "happy accident". I was trying to create a new blues-y overdrive pedal for my cousin. I drew up a few ideas to try out and this was the first in line. When I got it set up and plugged her in sadly it wasn't a blues sounding overdrive at all. However, it was a nasty sounding fuzz. Originally it had tone, volume and gain controls, but I wanted to offer something to all of you one-knob fuzz lovers out there. So, the 'Rotten Peach' was born!

From light overdrive-like fuzz to a boil your blood sizzle-fest, this baby will do it. One control for volume, no gain control and a switch for a little decay. The gain works very well with your axe's volume. If you want to throw a little something different out of your amp, flip the "ROT" switch at full gain for some decay for some mis-biased fuzzy fun! If you love fuzz and simple controls, you'll love the 'Rotten Peach'!

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