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The 'Rooster Fist' is my first attempt at using an integrated circuit for a new pedal. A friend of mine had been pestering me to get into using IC's instead of transistors. So, I basically grabbed whatever I had available and took a look at some existing circuits using them as a starting point. This was originally going to bare a graphic I had ready for a clone of a Soul Bender, but I decided against it after my wife reminded me of the band name I came up with for Rock Band. :o)

The 'Rooster Fist' is an overdrive pedal that sounds similar to a certain "huge" pedal named after a Llama. ;o) The thing I like about this is I can get a nice low gain overdrive with the "Scratch" rolled back to AC/DC-like tones to a mid-high gain almost fuzz sounding drive when dimed. "Colour" is the tone control and "Crow" is volume. Thanks for looking!

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