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Pelican NoiseWorks developed the Pelitaur in 2015 to be a gnarly, nasty, unique fuzz with simple, interactive controls. The result was wildly successful, paying satirical homage to a similar looking "taur", but sounding nothing like anything else out there. No clones about it!

Leon from Pelican and Brian from Spruce became friends around the same time as the Pelitaur came out and Spruce released their first line of effects. A collaboration in the future was almost guaranteed. After sticking a Spruce Effects staple, the Growth Ring Germanium boost, in front of a Pelitaur, magical things happened. Brian and Leon started throwing around ideas on how to get new and unique sounds out of the already awesome Pelitaur circuit. After much iteration, Brian added his signature Germanium touch to the Pelitaur circuit and incorporated a full-range Germanium boost to the front end of the Pelitaur. The Germanium sections of the new Pelican and Spruce brainchild feature hard-to-find NOS components. 

The fuzz side features a souped-up, gain-juice filled, germanium-ified Pelitaur circuit. The clipping structure has completely changed for a ton of really new and unique sounds on tap. Depending on the gain knob settings, you can get sputtery, gated fuzz all the way to high gain, smooth Germanium clipping.  Overall, it is a little lower gain, yet higher in gnarlyness.

The boost side features light-up hidden controls. The lefthand LED (knob) controls the gain of the boost. The righthand LED (knob) controls the frequency of the boost. Counter-clockwise is treble, clockwise is bass.  Dial it in for a treble or full-range boost. You can add some vintage color to your tone, or slam your amp or Pelitaur circuit with 20dB of boost. 

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