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The Half Horse is an incredibly dynamic JFET based fuzz which has been hiding in the left side of the Pelitaur.  What started as an experiment in boxing this circuit up on its own for fun, turned into an absolute need to let this fuzz live a strong, independent life.

For far too long this horse has been cast aside in favor of a certain weird, bird-like creature. It's time he breaks away and tours with his all new solo album!

Things have been modified from the original left side fuzz circuit of the Pelitaur.  Some slight tweaks were necessary to give the half horse enough confidence to come out and stand in the spotlight.  These changes yielded a wider gain range, superior dynamics, and changes to the sound circuit (tone) that will please even that guy who "doesn't like fuzz".


  • GRAIN: a giant knob controlling the gain of the fuzz circuit.  This can also be thought of as a 'texture control'
  • OUTPUT:  Simply an output volume control
  • SOUND:  Controls the sound of the fuzz from dark and mellow to bright and sputtery.  (AKA a tone knob)


  • All top mounted jacks
  • 9vDC center negative power (8mA)
  • True bypass with soft touch relay switching.



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