Pefftronics SB-101 Super Rand-O-Matic




Much of the value in our Super Rand-O-Matic is its versatility. It incoporates the functions of chorus, flanger, phase-shifter, and doubler all in one box. Add this to the flexible modulation capabilities, and an amazing array of sounds are possible from the Rand-O-Matic. The RANGE selector switch gives you 6 different short delay times for different effects.

This six short delays are flexible building blocks for time-shifting effects and this is the key to the versatility of our Super Rand-O-Matic.

Warm and Clean Effects

This Super Rand-O-Matic uses a hybrid analog/digital circuitry. It brings you warm, yet transparent effects that's essential for today's music. All other products are either solely analog or digital. We have captured the best of both worlds and incorporated them in the Super Rand-O-Matic. That's why it can give you the warmth of analog and the clarity of digital.

Random Modulation

One of the most unique feature of the Super Rand-O-Matic is the random modulation capability. The RANDOMNESS knob controls the probable rate of change for the modulation generator. This can be used to create realistic doubling, a non-linear chorus, and in extreme cases can approximate wild patches created on an analog modular synthesizer. Used subtlely, randomness can be effective for creating your unique guitar texture.

A triangle wave generator is also included for creating more "stardard effects".

Added the random modulation and the triangle modulation to the flexibility of the RANGE, a large palette of sounds are available from our Rand-O-Matic.

Mix Control

Unlike other effects pedals, our Super Rand-O-Matic has a wet/dry mix control. It gives you the control on how much wet/dry you desire and it can also be used as a mixer in an effects loop chain.


  • Multiple Effects: chorus, flange, double, and phase-shift
  • Random Modulation
  • Warm analog sound, yet clean digital effects
  • Mix control


  • Size: 4.75" X 3.5" X 2"
  • Weight: 0.45kg (1lb)
  • Electrical: 9V DC @50mA
  • Alkaline Battery or Adapter Power
  • Input: 1/4" Mono
  • Output: 1/4" Mono

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