Pefftronics Corp was started at the ISU research Park in Ames, Iowa, by Jeff Vallier. The company is out of Business (for now...).

    Timeline (by Jeffrey Vallier)

    • Late 1980's: Made custom gear, one being a multi-effects pedalboard for the electric violin player in my band in college.
    • January 1995: Pefftronics Corp started at the ISU research Park in Ames, Iowa to commercialize technology that would eventually become the RTSP-1600. Started as 3 people -- Jeff, Daisy Tang and Ho Yuhang (now an award-winning film maker in SE Asia)
    • Late 1996: First Rand-O-Matic prototype and production. Quickly picked up by major retailers (Sam Ash, GC, Musician's Friend) Seemed to be popular in Japan--sold a lot thru Fernandez as our disty there. 
    • 1997: Rad-X prototype for Musikmesse. Never produced
    • 1998: Beginning of the end: sales didn't support operating costs

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