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The Tejas started out as a clone of a TS-808 that belonged to a famous Jazz guitar player. Once cloned I felt like I had to do more than just clone the 808 so I added what I call the "Spice" knob. The Spice takes the pedal from vintage 808 tones to a less compressed, clear sounding 808. When you turn up the "Spice" it sounds like you are lifting a wet blanket off of your speaker cabinet in a gradual way. So, if you are familiar with the diode clipping toggle switch idea and picture being able to tune anywhere between the extremes of the toggle the "Spice" knob does something similar without actually messing with the fixed asymmetrical clipping diodes arrangement of the pedal. This is the next generation in compression adjusting technology and the only pedal that I know of that has it!

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